Bruce Lee Harrison

I am a software developer from St. Louis, who lives in the Midwest. Growing up, I was always fascinated with machines and technology. These interests have taking me down a wide variety industries, helping me build a strong foundation of technological skills from low/high voltage electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, and finally computer programming. The aggregate result of this experience helps give me a unique approach to problem solving.

I started my technology career at a small business. Typical of many small businesses, I wore many hats. I worked as the network administrator, desktop support, in-house developer, web site administrator, systems administrator, and domain administrator. Additionally, I had to maintain the VOIP system as well as the low-voltage access control system. These days I work more as a full-stack cloud developer, but my need to learn everything about a given environment certainly has roots in my beginnings.

As a full-stack developer I get the enjoyment of in-the-trenches coding, and the high-level architect point of view. I find it particularly enjoyable setting up CI/CD workflows, and seeing developers faces light up when a simple push to the master branch triggers a full-scale deployment. I was fortunate to be given access to AWS in its formative days, and got to witness the growth of the various cloud providers and their offerings first hand.

My LinkedIn page contains a more up-to-date listing of my employment and skills, check it out if you are interested in knowing more about me!